About the speaker

Jerry Weinstein in Colorado Rockies Uniform

Jerry Weinstein

Jerry Weinstein is one of the most highly sought after clinicians in the country. A 2018 I-70 Clinic speaker, Coach Weinstein has coached at all levels of baseball, including: high school, junior college, Cape Cod league, Minor Leagues and in MLB with the Rockies. Coach Weinstein was the manager for Team Israel in the World Baseball Classic in 2017

Career Highlights

  • Collegiate, international, amateur, minor league and major league coach since 1966
  • Member of the ABCA Hall of Fame
  • Team Israel manager in WBC, coached Team USA in two Olympics, and coached in CWS

One of the statements you will hear in Coach Weinstein’s clinic talks is ‘This information is like a buffet, take what you want.’ Boy is it! It will be the cornucopia of info. As a coach who is proud to have come from the coaching tree of Jerry Weinstein, I will tell you that he is an Einstein with a ‘W’. A whole bunch of them! Enjoy