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Chris Burke Diamondbacks

Chris Burke

Chris Burke is one of the top hitting instructors in the Midwest. He is one of the top baseball players in SEC history, was a top draft pick and a former MLB infielder. He currently owns and operates the Chris Burke Baseball facility in Louisville.

Career Highlights

  • Played 5 years in MLB (HOU, ARI, SDP)
  • 2001 SEC Player of the Year and 1st Team All-American at Tennessee
  • Owns Chris Burke Baseball academy

Chris Burke is one of the best analysts of the swing that is out there. His ability to communicate what the body needs to do in a way that kids can feel what he is saying is rare. He can teach an 8-year old one day and the next day work with a major leaguer. Not only is he a great teacher of the game, but he becomes a life coach to every student that he works with. Simply put... He cares and loves to help others succeed.