What People Say About the Clinic

Quotes from 2016 I-70 Clinic

Coach Jack LeggettI’ve spoken at many baseball clinics over my 38 year college coaching career. Speaking at the I-70 Clinic was one of the great highlights and it was one of the best run clinics I’ve ever been a part of. Great people, organization, and very well attended. The sound system, video availability, format, and facility were all outstanding! I’ve been all over the country and the I-70 Clinic is amongst the very best I’ve ever spoken at!

Jack Leggett,
2016 Speaker

First time attender and I was very impressed.
I could’ve listened to the speakers even longer.

Pete Kiecker, Watertown, WI

I have been going to clinics for 23 years.
This was one of the best I have ever been to.

Matt Plummer, East Peoria HS

Great job, guys! The 3 of us that attended feel
it was as good a clinic as we have ever been to.

Mike Stock, Naperville Central HS

Great job as always. Awesome clinic and its bigger and better every year.
Brian Hanslow, Southwestern HS

Your clinic was without question one of the best I have EVER attended, which includes some ABCA’s. I can’t wait to come back next year.
Jim Steinwart, Springfield (IL) HS

First time attendee from 4.5 hours away. Very impressed with the I-70 Clinic. We plan on attending each yr.”
Coach Uggan, 2x former Indiana Coach of the Year