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The 13th annual I-70 Baseball Coaches Clinic will be held on 2016 Martin Luther King Weekend- Sunday night 1/17 and Monday 1/18. We are very excited to announce our speaker lineup and will put this lineup up against anyone’s.

MazzoneLeo Mazzone, Former Pitching Coach of the Atlanta Braves.
Professional baseball coach for 32 years. Major league pitching coach for 17 years. His pitching staffs anchored 14 division winners in Atlanta over 15 seasons. #1 in total MLB postseason games as a pitching coach. #1 on ESPN’s list of the Top 10 Assistant Coaches of All-Time. Has had only 1 starting pitcher in his career as a pitching coach sustain an arm injury
Rick Eckstein, Hitting Coach, University of Kentucky. Former hitting coach of the Washington Nationals. Brother of former Cardinal Shortstop David Eckstein.
Pat McMahon, New York Yankees. Former Head Coach at Mississippi State and Univ of Florida.
Jack Leggett, ABCA Hall of Fame Coach and former head coach at Clemson University.

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