Excellent speaker lineup with practical application and efficient presentations all weekend. Each speaker was able to connect with the coaches present on various levels. Combined with the other perks, it's tough to beat the take away value of the I-70 baseball coaches clinic.

This is absolutely the best clinic around. The quality of the speakers they are able to get is unmatched, especially for small community. Any coach will leave feeling inspired and ready to start the season.

Outstanding bang for your buck, really well organized, extremely generous food and door prize arrangements.

Great clinic as usual. For the minimal hotel prices, food included and low clinic fee, I can't believe what a baseball coach can learn and be exposed to. Another job well done!

The Greenville staff has found a way to put together one of the best annual coaching clinics in the country. They continue to bring the best talent in baseball to the stage to provide a wealth of knowledge to the audience.

Kai Correa was amazing! He provided examples of drills that we can take into practice this season. He was personable and explained the reasoning behind each drill.

The I-70 Clinic was one of the best I've ever been to. It was very well run and organized, and most importantly, it was 2 days of non-stop learning. ?I can't recommend it enough!

Jason Ochart in Driveline Baseball shirt and hat

Having the opportunity to participate in the I-70 Clinic was an honor. I highly recommend this experience to any high school or college coach. I was very impressed with the organization and speakers but more importantly the people in Greenville, Illinois made everyone feel important and welcome in their fine city.

Florida Seminoles Head Baseball Coach Mike Martin in uniform with sunglasses

The I-70 clinic is a great source to increase your knowledge in the game! I have been fortunate to have spoken here twice and can tell you that I love coming because I pick up great information not only from the other speakers but also from the attendees. Having meals together, the interaction...second to none. Top flight clinic. Thanks for the opportunity. Please keep me in mind for a 3rd.

Fred Corral in Missouri baseball uniform

First time attender and I was very impressed. I could’ve listened to the speakers even longer.

Great job, guys! The 3 of us that attended feel it was as good a clinic as we have ever been to.

Mike Stock coaching at Naperville Central HS

I have been going to clinics for 23 years. This was one of the best I have ever been to.

Great job as always. Awesome clinic and its bigger and better every year.

Brian Hanslow, Southwestern HS

Your clinic was without question one of the best I have EVER attended, which includes some ABCA’s. I can’t wait to come back next year.

Jim Steinwart coaching baseball at Springfield (IL) HS

First time attendee from 4.5 hours away. Very impressed with the I-70 Clinic. We plan on attending each year.

I’ve spoken at many baseball clinics over my 38 year college coaching career. Speaking at the I-70 Clinic was one of the great highlights and it was one of the best run clinics I’ve ever been a part of. Great people, organization, and very well attended. The sound system, video availability, format, and facility were all outstanding! I’ve been all over the country and the I-70 Clinic is amongst the very best I’ve ever spoken at!

Jack Leggett Clemson Tigers Headshot